F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines

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April 9, 2000
Make Big Bucks Butchering Babies!

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

Abortionists don't just kill unborn babies. They kill postpartum ones, too, and cut their bodies into pieces to sell to research facilities.

"Your tax dollars and what you spend at your local pharmacy are helping fund the greatest mass murder for cash in history," declares Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics. Crutcher explains why "pro-abortion forces fight so hard to keep partial-birth abortion legal. It's so they can sell whole baby parts -- brains, lungs, legs, livers, you name it -- to the highest bidder," he charges. "And usually those highest bidders are leading universities, supported by your tax dollars, and pharmaceutical firms, funded by what you spend at your local pharmacy."

Crutcher reveals that "some abortionists actually deliver live babies just to snuff the life from them, cut them up, and sell them for experimentation." The evidence supporting Crutcher's claims includes "purchase orders for baby parts that were faxed to a Planned Parenthood clinic, price lists from two of the wholesalers dealing in human flesh, and sales brochures advertising the sale of limbs and organs from full-term babies."

Life Dynamics has "pioneered the most successful strategy ever for shutting down abortion clinics," Crutcher boasts. "By taking to court abortion providers who have injured the women who trusted them, Life Dynamics has uncovered a powerful tool for ridding every American city" of these murder mills. It's thanks to "legal advice provided to plaintiffs by Life Dynamics," he contends, that "juries have sided with the women injured in abortion clinics and awarded punitive damages so large that the clinics have had no choice but to shut down."

Crutcher recalls how his "two-year research effort, aided by dedicated secret sleuths deep within the abortion industry, produced the dramatic evidence that can turn the tide of the pro-life struggle." That evidence "sweeps away all the abortionists' pretense at 'kindness' and 'caring'" by documenting their "callous determination to murder for money." Crutcher explains "why the pro-abortion lobby has been fighting so vehemently the passing of laws against partial- birth abortion. . . . Selling parts from partial-birth aborted babies -- or even babies born alive -- is a major cash cow that keeps the whole abortion industry in business. Without income from healthy babies' body parts," he asserts, "many abortion clinics cannot afford to stay open." Crutcher and Life Dynamics are determined to deprive them of that blood money.

Okay, all you "pro-choicers" out there, how do you justify this one? You do believe in "choice," don't you? Well, isn't butchering babies for a buck just another "choice"? It seems that old "choice" gag doesn't really hold up, does it? Anyone who resorts to it is intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt. After all, everything's a choice, and not all choices are good. Some are just plain bad, and some are down- right horrific. Everyone knows that, and to say otherwise is to lie. Would you slay your own child and dismember him for profit? Would you let someone else do it for a fee? Would you stand idly by while a psychopath murdered and mutilated the children in your neighborhood? No, of course, you wouldn't -- not unless you were "pro-choice."