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December 17, 2000
Random Thoughts on Allegiance

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

Some of our public servants appear to be in business for themselves.

Remember Us?
It's only natural to assume that the U.S. State Department represents the interests of the United States, since this is, of course, what it is supposed to do. It happens not infrequently, however, that the interests of other nations -- and of various international institutions -- seem to take precedence at State over our nation's own. Perhaps State Department officials need to be reminded periodically that their overarching goal is not to fulfill the needs or desires of an ally (much less an enemy), not to achieve the long-term goals of some global federation, not to advance some personal agenda, and not to make a fetish of sentimental abstractions like world peace and international justice -- but, rather, to ensure the safety and prosperity of these sovereign United States.

Pretext for Disarmament
Global warming may not be a serious threat, but the Global Warming Treaty sure is! The cuts in energy usage mandated by the Kyoto Protocol would effectively place the energy-intensive U.S. military under UN command. That, of course, has been the Clinton Administration's goal all along, but the American people would never stand for an overt change in command, and so Clinton and his cohorts have resorted to this clever subterfuge. The Global Warming Treaty is really an America Disarming Treaty, and treaty boosters should be viewed accordingly. Any Senator who votes for the treaty, expresses support for the treaty, winks at Clinton's efforts to implement its conditions without ratification, or pretends that global warming is more than an unsubstantiated theory should be considered an advocate of national disarmament.

Treason or Stupidity?
The current Administration finds itself in an untenable position with regard to the potential for biological attack It cannot alert the public to the severity of the present danger without inadvertently acknowledging its own responsibility for it. That's because Clinton and his cronies have not only neglected to take the steps necessary to deter the threat of biological attacks domestically; they have also enabled and thereby encouraged biological strikes from abroad by making otherwise unobtainable long-range missile technology available directly to China and indirectly to Chinese client states.

Master Key
The threat created by key-recovery systems would be worse than the threat averted, if hackers acquired a master backdoor encryption key and gained access to corporate and government secrets. Perhaps that's the idea: to give our rivals and our enemies access to the proprietary information from which America's wealth derives. Perhaps that's the idea behind proposed changes in our patent laws, as well. Why would anyone want to give away the store? Money, of course. Imagine the commission that foreign agents would pay to any man who could provide access to America's intellectual property. Surely some of our more calculating public servants find such an enormous sum tempting. If the policies of Bill Clinton in particular, of the Democratic Party as a whole, and of certain Republicans seem not to serve the interests of this nation, perhaps it's because they don't. Perhaps they serve the interests of some other nation, with commissions accumulating in offshore accounts.

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