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December 31, 2000
You're Paying to Promote Evolution

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

"Some Darwinists consistently ignore, explain away, or misrepresent the biological facts in order to promote their theory."

"If dogmatic promoters of Darwinian evolution were merely distorting the truth," stipulates biologist Jona- than Wells, "that would be bad enough. But they haven't stopped there," he charges. "They now dominate the biological sciences in the English-speaking world, and use their position of dominance to censor dissenting viewpoints."

In his new book, Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells describes how "dogmatic Darwinists begin by imposing a narrow interpretation on the evidence and declaring it to be the only way to do science. Critics are then labeled unscientific," he continues; "their articles are rejected by mainstream journals, whose editorial boards are dominated by the dogmatists; the critics are denied funding by government agencies, who send grant proposals to the dogmatists for 'peer' review; and eventually the critics are hounded out of the scientific community altogether."

Wells contends that "evidence against the Darwinian view simply disappears, like witnesses against the Mob. Or the evidence is buried in specialized publications, where only a dedicated researcher can find it. Once critics have been silenced and counter-evidence has been buried," he notes, "the dogmatists announce that there is no scientific debate about their theory, and no evidence against it. Using such tactics, defenders of Darwinian orthodoxy have managed to establish a near-monopoly over research grants, faculty appointments, and peer-reviewed journals in the United States," Wells laments. "Dogmatic defenders of Darwinian evolution control not only most American universities," he adds, "but they also wield enormous power over most public school systems." Wells asserts that "a surprising number of biologists quietly doubt or reject some of the grander claims of Darwinian evolution. But -- at least in America -- they must keep their mouths shut or risk condemnation, marginalization, and eventual expulsion from the scientific community.

Wells says American taxpayers are "paying for most of the Darwinian research done in the United States." He challenges doubters to "pick up a biology journal at a university library, find some articles dealing with evolution, and turn to their acknowledgments. Most articles on evolution published by Americans acknowledge financial support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), or NASA," Wells asserts. "Federal support for research and teaching is not the only way you are compelled to support what amounts to a massive indoctrination campaign by dogmatic Darwinists," he continues. "Through your state and local taxes, you are paying for a state university system, local community colleges, and public schools, all of which are teaching the icons of evolution as though they were facts."

If you'd rather not support "dogmatic Darwinists that misrepresent the truth to keep themselves in power," you should "call for congressional hearings on the way federal money is distributed by the NIH, the NSF, and NASA," Wells recommends. "State legislators might also want to take a look at the Darwinian establishment, to determine whether state taxes are being used for indoctrination rather than education. State and local school boards," he adds, "could be encouraged to take a closer look at the textbooks they buy for public schools."

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