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February 6, 2000
Shouldn't Treason be a Campaign Issue?

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

Bill Clinton and Al Gore helped build Communist China into a major military power that now threatens the security of the United States.


"We'll supply whatsoever you need

To ensure your armed forces succeed,

And we won't make a fuss

If you use them on us,

'Cause our sole motivation is greed."

"The Clinton-Gore record of campaign finance abuses is staggering," charged national security analysts Edward Timperlake and William Triplett in their 1998 blockbuster exposé Year of the Rat. "Chinese agents ensured victory for the Clinton-Gore team in the 1992 general election with a massive cascade of illegally laundered foreign funds into key states," they averred. "More than one hundred potential witnesses of illegal foreign campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore team have fled the country, taken the Fifth Amendment, or refused to be interviewed by investigative bodies."

In their new book from Regnery Publishing, Red Dragon Rising, Timperlake and Triplett focus on the favors that China received, in return for its largesse, from the demonic duo of Clinton and Gore. "With the collapse of the Soviet Union," they observe, "the People's Republic of China (PRC) sees itself as the sole Communist superpower in the world. With its strategic military buildup -- aided by stolen and acquired American weapons technology -- the Communist Chinese leadership has sought to make the world's most populous country one of its most powerful."

Timperlake and Triplett emphasize that "the PRC's territorial ambitions are immense. Now, armed with the most modern weapons of mass destruction and sophisticated instruments of information warfare, the Communist Chinese military threatens to take the lands it has historically coveted," they warn. "Communist China sees but one major roadblock to achiev-ing regional hegemony -- the Pacific stretch of the United States. Consequently," say Timperlake and Triplett, "the PRC's military buildup has been tailored to counter America's military capabilities. . . . America," they affirm, "is now a target."

Clinton and Gore have actively aided this grim development. Timperlake and Triplett report that the Clinton-Gore Administration has "permitted the sale of hundreds of supercomputers to the Communist Chinese, exposing America to the threat of destructive information warfare." The Clinton-Gore team, they continue, has "failed to enforce American anti-proliferation laws, so that it is only a matter of time before some People's Liberation Army weapon is used by a rogue state in the Middle East or South Asia, raising the specter of germ or nuclear warfare." Clinton and Gore "allowed PLA rockets to be made more reliable by the technical assistance of Loral, an American corporation whose president, Bernard Schwartz, was the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign's leading donor."

Timperlake and Triplett conclude that the collaboration of Clinton and Gore with the Chinese Communists has "placed Americans directly in the line of fire. All the while," they add, "President Clinton hollowed America's military. Now," Timperlake and Triplett warn, "an overextended United States military -- the only deterrent to Chinese aggressions -- faces an increasingly dangerous People's Liberation Army."

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