F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines
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February 6, 2000
Teachers Union, Tear Down This Wall!

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

The Berlin Wall came down a decade ago. Maybe it's time to roll back the Iron Curtain around American schools.

The National Education Association has two goals, observes former high school principal Gregory Moo. The first, he says, is "to create one national system of education." The second is "to control this national system to the NEA's own ends." Moo charges that the strategy of the NEA is "to corrupt and subvert the concept and mechanisms of local control of education in order to capture neighborhood schools and then to use public resources to build its power and promote its ultraliberal social agenda -- even to the detriment of students' academic proficiency." He considers the teachers union "a clear and present danger to the rights of states to conduct education, to the rights of communities to retain local control of their schools, and to the rights of parents to secure an education for their children that honors their own values and priorities."

In a new book from Regnery Publishing called Power Grab, Gregory Moo reports that the NEA "works tirelessly to extend its power. Its method for achieving this is plainly visible in the union officials' relentless push for more monopoly collective bargaining privileges and more power over teachers. The union bosses' growing control," he notes, "comes directly from their ability to compel teachers to pay union dues and submit to representation by the NEA."

Moo emphasizes that the NEA is "not about education or children; the NEA is about power -- the aggressive, relentless pursuit of power. Most teachers," he contends, "are hard-working people who hold our children's and our communities' futures in their hands. But many teachers have been coerced into following the NEA's false lead as the union extends its power over children, over teachers, over administrators, over boards of education, over the public, and over political processes." That may be changing, however. Moo reports that "a civil war is beginning in America's cities and towns. Citizens are fighting the war in their legislative offices, state departments of education, schools, and homes." They're fighting, he says, "to determine who will direct the teachers, run the schools, and control the hearts and minds of our children."

If you're a parent, of course, you can declare victory over the NEA any time you want to. All you have to do is take your children out of the public school system. Enroll them in a private or parochial school or teach them at home, but get them out of the clutches of the left-leaning ideologues, the certified incompetents, and the power-mongering union reps. Yes, the alternatives are not free, but neither are the public schools. Not only do you pay for them in taxes; you pay for them as well in the mental, emotional, and physical health of your children -- and that price is almost certainly higher than you think. Will it be the loss of their potential, the loss of their innocence, the loss of their very lives, the loss even of their souls? How can you contemplate a price so dear and not take the most obvious precaution?

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