F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines
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March 5, 2000
Heaven Help Us If We Have to Go to War!

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

Our enemies must relish the prospect of battling American forces laced with limp-wrists and lasses.

"One of the central goals of the feminist movement," declares Walter McDougall of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, "is to establish a fully sexually integrated military, trained, fit, and ready to engage in combat. To the advocates of this cause," he observes, "it is an outrage that the United States is not moving at a rapid enough pace in that direction; but the truth," says McDougall, "is that it has moved very swiftly indeed. The United States today is the only serious military power in history to contemplate thorough sexual integration of its armed forces," he asserts. "And thanks to an adamant feminist lobby [and] a conspiracy of silence in the officers corps . . . the brave new world of female infantry, bomber pilots, submariners, and drill sergeants may lie just around the corner."

McDougall insists that "one need not be a caveman to argue that objections may be made against women in combat on some basis other than bias." Appealing to "common sense, the empirical evidence of the past twenty years, and the universal experience of the human race," he argues that "military institutions must be coercive, hierarchical, and self-sacrificial, and as such they depend on a rigid code of fairness with regard to conduct, performance, and deportment; promotion on merit; and egalitarian treatment that by its nature cannot be gender-neutral. For as soon as the sexes are mixed in close quarters, for prolonged and intense intervals," warns McDougall, "the jealousies, courtships, and favoritism that are bound to erupt must corrode fairness and discipline."

McDougall charges that "emasculation is the undeniable policy of the U.S. military programs today. The pressure on the armed forces to allow homosexuals to serve openly," he notes, "is only the most public manifestation of this. Less known is the fact that the Defense Department's schools for survival, obliged to deal with the prospect of females in captivity, now simulate sexual exploitation and torture of both sexes in order to 'desensitize' men so they will not feel protective toward females. Meanwhile," McDougall adds, "the Pentagon continues to stoke recruitment of women to the point where one fifth of all new recruits are now female."

The war on American masculinity has many fronts. In the current issue of City Journal, published by the Manhattan Institute, Heather Mac Donald reports on the siege of scouting -- which, she emphasizes, may be a young boy's "only source of basic training in patriotism today." Mac Donald interprets lawsuits against the Boy Scouts by girls, atheists, and homosexuals as a sign that "America's obsession with alleged discrimination has gone too far. Elite culture now sees the highest function of government as correcting the petty prejudices of the citizens," she concludes, "even if that means destroying civil society in the process. If the government's crusade against so-called bigotry means eviscerating the scouts," says Mac Donald, "it is long past time to shut the crusade down." Especially if that crusade is the brainchild of a saboteur.

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