F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines
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March 12, 2000
News You May Not Have Heard About

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

Liberal bias in the mainstream media often determines how a news story is reported, and whether or not it's reported at all.

Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media (www.aim.org) has compiled a list of "five important stories that all or most of the non-Internet media either failed to cover or covered inadequately in 1999." First on his list is Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that she was raped by then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton in 1978. Irvine reports that Lisa Meyers of NBC News "got an exclusive eight-hour interview with Mrs. Broaddrick, but Andrew Lack, president of NBC News, kept it off the air until his hand was forced by publication in the Wall Street Journal of interviews with Mrs. Broaddrick they had obtained. The story finally aired on NBC's Dateline," he notes, "but it didn't make any of the network evening news shows, including NBC's."

The second entry on Reed Irvine's list of spiked or underplayed stories is Madeleine Albright's culpability for the war in Kosovo. "A State Department official at Rambouillet told reporters off the record that the Secretary of State had insisted on including terms in the proposed agreement between the Yugoslav government and the KLA that she knew the government would reject," Irvine charges. The anticipated refusal provided the pretext for the initiation of force against Yugoslavia, the expectation being that Milosevic would "cave in after NATO bombed for a few days."

Another sensational story that succumbed to press censorship concerns the "official lies about genocide in Kosovo. In announcing the decision to begin bombing, high officials gave the impression that the Serbs had been carrying out mass slaughter of ethnic Albanians for a year," Irvine recalls. "The State Department's best estimate was that about 2,000 people, counting both sides, had been killed in the fighting in Kosovo in 1998. A Swedish organization put the figure at half that," he notes. " During the bombing," Irvine continues, "senior government officials claimed that 100,000 to 225,000 ethnic Albanian men were missing in Kosovo and may have been murdered." Only two thousand bodies have been found since the cessation of hostilities, however, "and not all of those can be identified as Albanians murdered by Serbs."

The failure of Independent Counsel Ken Starr takes fourth place on Irvine's left-out list. "After five years of investigating Whitewater-related crimes," he observes, "Ken Starr resigned, having charged Clinton with lying about sex and Webb Hubbell with stealing from his law firm and evading taxes. He filed no charges on hush money for Hubbell, requisitioning FBI files, abuse of the travel office, and removing files from Vince Foster's office. His report on Foster's death," Irvine adds, "was a complete whitewash."

Also coming in under the mainstream media's radar was "the radar data proof that a missile shot down TWA Flight 800." Reed Irvine says the data show what appears to be a missile "coming out of the plane at supersonic speed after the explosion." Those data also show "over thirty ships and planes within 30 miles of the TWA 800 crash site that the government refuses to identify."

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