F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines
Week of:
November 12, 2000
Random Thoughts on Faith & Reason

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

The most prevalent disability in America today is spiritual blindness.

Modern art, music, literature, and architecture are typically vapid, if not downright ugly or evil. Why? Because the painters, the composers, the authors, and the architects who produce them are vapid, ugly, or evil. And because our culture has declined to such an extent that it no longer merely tolerates but actively encourages mediocrity and mendacity. The canvases, the concerts, the books, and the buildings betray an underlying emptiness or falsity because their creators are empty and false. They gave up any claim to fullness and truth when they denied their own Creator.

Turn to the Right
First we discovered that Johnny can't read. Then we learned that he can't calculate. Now we find that Johnny can't even tell right from wrong. It was Reason divorced from Faith that brought us to this pass, and our devolution has occurred over several centuries. It is not enough, then, to turn back the clock a decade or two. To restore sanity and right order, we must reach back beyond the cultural revolution of the 1960s, beyond the communist revolution that opened this century, beyond the radical reconstruction that followed our civil war, beyond the French Revolution -- we must go all the way back to an age when Reason was still informed by Faith. We must humble ourselves, recognize our limitations, and commit to doing the will of our Creator rather than our own.

Carpe Deum
A renewed focus on the importance of religion to Western culture, and to all cultures, is in order. After all, Western civilization and "Christendom," though not identical, are inextricably linked. They began to merge with Constantine's conversion and, with the Renaissance, to separate again. Material progress since that time has been dramatic and presumably will continue, but our spiritual progress was impeded when we, as a civilization, ceased to affirm the message of Christendom regarding the fallen nature of man and his imperfectibility sans grace.

Witness for the Persecution
It's not a pleasant thought, but we all know that there exists in America today an anti-religious element whose antipathy for our fervor rivals that of foreign tyrants. We can be thankful that the militant atheists and antitheists among us have not yet clutched the power they crave to harness their hostility and direct it against us. But they bide their time, inching ever forward. And we, if we shirk our responsibility to export religious freedom to all the suffering saints across God's globe -- do we not embolden the foes of our faith at home and thus invite the extension of persecution to our own land?

Self Service
Non serviam. "I will not serve." That is the defiant declaration of the devil himself -- and of all his earthly disciples, that multitude of mortal men and women who refuse to be subjugated to a higher authority. They reject service; they reject hierarchy; they reject the concepts of right and wrong, reward and punishment; they reject objective truth. It is not enough that they reject these things for themselves; they would have the rest of us reject them too.

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