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October 1, 2000
China Plans to Dominate Asia, World

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

The appeasement policies of Clinton and Gore have only made China a more dangerous enemy.

"Those forces which appeared to be driving China toward openness have all been spent or checked," reports Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute. "The Chinese Communist Party now has a firmer grip on power than ever. Inside China," he notes, "dissident groups were crushed so completely that within a couple of years they effectively ceased to exist. Outside of China, the thousands of exile groups that sprang up in solidarity with what they envisioned as a great internal awakening became demoralized and began to evaporate. While this occurred partly through normal attrition," Mosher concedes, "some groups were torn apart by dissension, fostered in part by Chinese Communist agents who penetrated the organizations and worked to sow division within their ranks. Others," he observes, "were hollowed out as their leaders, one by one, made a separate peace with Beijing in order to engage in the China trade or visit their families."

In his new book, Hegemon: China's Plan to Dominate Asia and the World, Mosher rebuts "the optimistic theory that the ongoing economic reform would create competing centers of economic, social, and eventually political power, weakening the hold of the Chinese Communist party. There is a new middle, but it evinces little interest in politics," he asserts. "The momentum generated by these economic reforms was quickly hijacked by the Communist Party elite," Mosher explains. "The most successful entrepreneurs in China today are the 'princelings,' who have prospered because of their connections to China's leading families and to the bureaucratic powers. Instead of constituting a separate center of liberalized economic, social, and eventually political influence," he laments, "the beneficiaries of the new wealth reinforce the existing regime."

This regime is "not just hostile toward U.S. power," Mosher emphasizes; "it is actively seeking to replace that power with Chinese hegemony. Beijing's military prowess -- and its belligerence -- will continue to grow apace," he predicts. "Its nuclear arsenal, useful mainly for posturing and blustering at present, will become a formidable attack weapon. The military technology gap will close, and China will have the ability to project force over long distances. Its economy will rival that of the U.S. in size."

Mosher emphasizes that "it was on Clinton's watch that China seized islands in the South China Sea, fired missiles in the direction of Taiwan, and continued to increase its military spending at a double-digit pace. The Chinese government even tried to subvert American elections in 1996," he adds. "But the Clinton-Jiang summit proceeded nonetheless. Even after revelations about Chinese spies in American nuclear facilities, the Clinton Administration continued to approve the sale of militarily useful equipment . . . and state-of-the-art supercomputers."

Mosher points out that Clinton's policy of appeasement has not "kept China from engaging in such inhumane practices as forced abortion and religious repression, or inventing new horrors like selling prisoners' organs and lethal injection of 'illegal' babies at birth. Clinton has averted his gaze," Mosher charges, "while his spokesmen have made sympathetic noises about China's population problem and the dangers of uncontrolled religious activity."

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