F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines
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September 17, 2000
Random Thoughts On Bill's Legacy

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

A China equipped to launch a missile attack against us, and a U.S. unable to defend against it -- that's the legacy of the Clinton-Gore Administration.

Have Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings gone soft on us? What happened to those probing, importunate questions they used to ask, questions that put their interlocutors on the spot? Was there ever a guy who deserved the third degree more than Bill Clinton? Is he, or is he not, the newshound's dream -- the ultimate charlatan, a calculating and conniving flimflam man whose every action advances secret aims, whose every word deceives? And yet, these three network anchormen appeared not even to notice. Obstruction of justice -- that was the key concern in all of the Clinton scandals, including the sexual ones. That's unquestionably a "high crime," an impeachable offense. Any anchorman who couldn't see the news-worthiness in that is overdue for retirement.

It has not been uncommon for the politically naive to repeat the disingenuous challenge dreamed up by Clinton spinmeisters: "If the President's committed so many crimes, why is he still in office?" They are blithely ignorant of the evidence that has been withheld and the witnesses who have refused to cooperate. But how to explain the seeming nonchalance of so many prominent political figures? One wonders how many of them share a vested interest with the President in keeping the lid on, how many have other skeletons hidden and find themselves daunted by White House possession of 900 FBI files, and how many simply prefer not to wind up like Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

The President and Vice President who allowed China to acquire the technology to improve the accuracy of its missiles are the same President and Vice President who have prevented implementation of a U.S. missile defense system. What possible motivation could Bill Clinton and Al Gore have for transferring to our most dangerous potential enemy the technology necessary to improve the accuracy of missiles targeted against us? What possible motivation could they have for deliberately leaving our nation defenseless against missile attack? Can sheer ineptitude excuse either of these suicidal missteps, considered separately? Taken together -- the upgrading of China's missile capability, the commitment to U.S. vulnerability -- do they not suggest something far more sinister?

Reproof is in the Pudding
Bill Clinton is reputed to be increasingly concerned about the legacy he will leave behind. It's likely to be an ugly one, at least as recorded by American historians. His place in the history of China, however, may turn out to be quite glorious. There he may be remembered as the Great American Sinophile, who sacrificed the sovereignty and security of his own country in order to ensure the ascendancy of China in the 21st Century. What we take for folly and duplicity in the West may be seen in more appealing hues in the East. Clinton's last visit to the Orient may turn out to have been a far-sighted scouting expedition, a taxpayer- subsidized search for a resplendent retirement home far from the din of Western reproof.

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