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Week of: January 7, 2001

The Contentiousness of a Conservative

by F.R. Duplantier

Liberals are forever trying to reshape reality to fit their utopian visions. Conservatives accept reality as it is and try to make the best of it.

If It Ain't Broke . . .
Unlike their seemingly gleeful liberal counterparts, conservatives are often derided for their apparent pessimism. The charge has merit, and a simple explanation. What makes the typical Tory testy, whilst the Whig waxes winsome? There's a reason conservatives come across as negative, why they seem obsessed with the evils of the world, and here it is: Conservatives look for things that are broken, so they can fix them; liberals do just the opposite.

Drudge Begrudged
He's scooped the national news media time after time, but cyberscribe Matt Drudge gets no respect from his liberal peers. Why the delicate diffidence of "professional" journalists, those pedigreed and licensed lapdogs quibbling over "qualifications" and questioning "credentials," just to deny Drudge his due? A man reporting the news is, by definition, a reporter (i.e., a journalist). Case closed. With more than 25 years of my own in this trade posturing as a profession, and with insights gleaned from parents who between them shared nearly 100 years of journalistic experience, I feel "qualified" to declare that Matt Drudge is exactly what a reporter should be (the very model of a modern major journalist).

Battle of Ideas
Conservatives can be annoying at times, there's no denying that, but you really do have to forgive us for being just a little bit smug. Imagine this increasingly frequent phenomenon: The academic in his ivory tower pores over his research material for years on end, then suddenly leaps up and exclaims, "Eureka! I've got it! The Cold War was . . . was . . . was a BATTLE OF IDEAS!" This is a revelation? Bravo, Professor Sappington, you've finally realized what the uneducated rabble knew all along. We even tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen, because we lacked "credentials." Ironic, isn't it, that a person whose life is ostensibly devoted to the battle of ideas would take so long to recognize the biggest one of the century?

World Freedom Day
Arnold Beichman of the Hoover Institute proposes an international holiday for November 9th, the day in 1989 that the Berlin Wall came down. "World Freedom Day" would surely be a more appropriate way to honor the conqueror of communism, Ronald Reagan, than some gargantuan government structure in which bureaucrats perpetually plot to delimit his legacy. What a fine counterpoint its voluntary celebration would make to the martial and mandatory May Day extravaganzas of tired old tyrants. How unsettling it would be for these dying despots to wonder, each November 9th, just how many of their oppressed peoples are celebrating this forbidden holiday in spirit if not in body! With each passing year, God willing, the celebration of World Freedom Day would grow more prevalent and more energetic as new nations throw off the shackles of their slave masters and participate openly for the first time. Then maybe, one November 9th, decades hence, World Freedom Day would be celebrated for the first time by every single country on earth.


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