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Week of: March 25, 2001

Gays Wage Unholy War Against Society

by F.R. Duplantier

"America is in the midst of an enormous cultural struggle over homosexuality."

"The best community for human beings to be born and grow up in is a family based on the stable bond between a husband and wife," declares Christopher Wolfe of the American Public Philosophy Institute. "The relationship between a husband and a wife is complementary," he explains, "one in which the union is solidified by the distinctive contributions of masculinity and femininity."

In a new book called Same-Sex Matters, Wolfe emphasizes the status of marriage as "the institution that provides the framework for conceiving, bearing, and educating children. It is irreplaceable," he affirms. "Many of our current social pathologies arise from the fact that our society has not been successful in handing on the heritage of social norms supporting a strong, intact family." Wolfe recommends reinforcing "traditional notions of sexuality in which sex is legitimate only within the perspective of family life."

In a chapter contributed to the same book, Robert Knight of the Family Research Council warns that "the freedom to disagree with homosexual activism" is receding. "The cultural struggle we face is no longer about whether Judeo-Christian morality will prevail as the dominant value system," he argues. "It is now about whether biblical Judaism and Christianity will be permitted at all." Knight paints a grim picture of the prospects for moral traditionalists. "Homosexual activists have commandeered virtually all mainstream media," he charges, "including television, print, and the entertainment industry. They also have a commanding presence in academia and an increasing role in corporations."

Knight identifies the homosexual rights movement as "the spear point in the cultural war to destroy traditional religion. Its goal," he contends, "requires nothing less than the public marginalization of Christianity and, in some cases, the criminalization of conduct based on Christian principles." Knight reports that "more and more Christians are denied tenure at universities or admission to medical and law schools because of their 'outmoded' attitudes toward life and morality. Employees in corporations and in government," he notes, "are being subjected to diversity training that directly challenges their most deeply held religious beliefs."

Knight emphasizes that "the gay rights movement is making impressive gains because traditionalists have not mobilized their forces, fashioned a plan, or constructed a simple, effective message. Homosexual activists, on the other hand, have pounded out a compelling three-part message: we are born this way; we cannot change; therefore, we deserve civil rights status." He points out that many corporations now include sexual orientation as "a minority category in workplace protection rules," while others "have even elevated homosexuality to virtual marital status by offering domestic partner benefits."

Knight believes that the battle is "heating up on all levels. Unless traditionalists and Christians step up their efforts," he warns, "they will soon find themselves out of jobs, and some will even land in jail. It is that serious. The gay rights movement is the greatest threat today to religious freedom, free speech, and freedom of association," Knight asserts. "It will be stopped only when the truth emerges about the threat it poses to civil liberties. . . ."


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