F.R. Duplantier reporting Behind The Headlines

Week of:
October 7, 2001
Environmentalists Warring Against Us

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

"The national and international environmental movement has been engaged in undermining the U.S. military for years."

"Soldiers on an Army training center's battlefield were instructed to call a commander if a desert tortoise crawled out of a hole," reports cyberscribe Alan Caruba. "At that point, the entire training exercise would stop. This insanity has been repeated on every military base in the nation in one fashion or another," Caruba laments. "The U.S. Defense Department oversees and controls 17 million acres of U.S. land, down from 30 million acres after World War II," he notes. "It has been losing the fight for space to train a modern military for years."

In a recent installment of his weekly internet commentary, Warning Signs (anxietycenter.com), Caruba worries about the "hundreds of government employees throughout its many agencies who are little more than covert agents for the environmental movement. Their concern is not for national security, but for the security of an endangered species or some other environmental mandate that makes it impossible to train and equip our military to protect our nation at home or on foreign shores," he contends. "The Greens represent an instrument of foreign and domestic socialist agendas, all of which are aimed at undermining this nation's economic viability, its sovereignty, and its military strength and readiness."

As one example, Caruba points to "the campaign to force the U.S. military to switch from lead-based ammunition to that requiring tungsten. This 'Green ammo' was said to be necessary because of the 'environmental threat' of lead bullets and other shells," he notes. "The Green mandate for tungsten bullets ignored the fact that this metal costs vastly more than lead, easily twice as much. It also ignored the fact that the greatest source of this metal is Red China."

Caruba reserves special censure for Democratic Congressman Bob Filner of California. Though his San Diego district hosts part of our Pacific Fleet and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Filner has introduced the Military Environmental Responsibility Act, which "seeks to remove all military exemptions from existing environmental, worker, and public safety laws and regulations," Caruba reports. "Apparently, Rep. Filner is not aware that being in the U.S. Marines, Air Force, Navy, or Army is a very dangerous occupation and that part of the job description is being willing to die for the defense of the nation." Caruba warns that Filner's bill "would put every element of our military under the thumb of the Environmental Protection Agency! The California delegation in Congress is so shot through with socialists and other enemies of this nation," he charges, "that it constitutes an invading army in its own right."

Caruba warns that "the Greens have infiltrated our military establishment just as they have done in our nation's schools and throughout federal and state government agencies. In every case, they have instituted programs that will continue to have serious consequences for our national security and sovereignty. It is time to identify and root out these enemies of our military," Caruba concludes. "After that, this nation has to rid itself of the Endangered Species Act and, ultimately, the Environmental Protection Agency."