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Welcome to Frog City

Frog City began as a site that soley focused on frogs and toads. Over time, however, the site has branched out to cover reptiles too. My goal is to continue to keep Frog City a reliable and personable reptile resource.

I've had many experiences keeping and rescuing different types of reptiles and amphibians, work as a Reptile Specialist for a pet store, and even breed crested geckos. If you have any questions about your pets please be sure to contact me and I'll help as best I can.


10/22/09 •Updated the family page. It is now organized in alphabetical order by species.
• New page for one of my new family members, my fire skink named Limbo!

10/16/09 •Updated the about me page.

6/16/09  The Iguana Blog has a new url: Please update your bookmarks!

6/8/09 • Revamp complete!

6/1/09 • Complete REVAMP! Frog City is currently being completely revamped with a more up to date layout. Be patient as I work to move all of the pages over to the new look. I hope you like it!

3/13/09 • New caresheet: Leopard Geckos.

1/29/09 • Finally got up a family page for another one of my skinks, Jeff. I posted some great shots of his blue tongue. Go check it out.
• I will be adding a Leopard Gecko Caresheet soon.
• Set up a new search engine for the site (see left sidebar). The old one had crashed. Have fun searching.

1/16/00 • Hoppy New Year! Updated the family page. The Leopard Gecko page is up.
• Added the above button to The Iguana Blog. Check it out!

11/22/08 • Updated the family page. The Crested Gecko Family page is up.
• 5 new avatars!

10/24/08 • We've added a donation button. You can find it in the left side bar. Frog City has been providing free herpetological information for 8 years now. We've assisted pet owners and breeders, and even school teachers in caring for their frogs and lizards. If you have found our site helpful, please consider giving a donation so that we can continue to do so for years to come. Thank you always for visiting!
• Revised The Crested Gecko Caresheet and Crested Gecko Breeding pages.
• Since my last update, I have added another charming member to the family, her name is Guenevere (or "Gwen") and she is a lovely young Northern Blue Tongued Skink!
• I also got pet pages up on both Gwen and my iguana, Esmerelda.

8/23/08 • New caresheet: The Bearded Dragon.
• Added on to the Suggested Books page.

6/25/08 Finally updated and revamped the family page. New pictures. Pictures will eventually take you to separate pages with more info on each individual pet. Look for these pages in the future. Enjoy!