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Frog City was launched in, or slightly before, the year 2000. It began as a site soley focused on my favorite of animals, frogs and toads. Over time my amphibian love branched out to reptiles too so the site has grown also.

When Frog City began, I don't know that I had really thought about its purpose. It was just sort of a place for me to release some of my frog related energy and learn how to create a website at the same time. It grew!

Soon people were contacting me with questions about their pets, students with questions about frogs, and even teachers! I really began to discover how much bad information on these animals was out there especially as my own collection of herps grew. There are several misconceptions about reptiles and amphibians and lots of false and even harmful information out there. I want to fight that and help people help their pets.

Frog City is here to answer your questions, provide accurate information, and promote reptiles and amphibians as fantastic companions!


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