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African Clawed Frog
Xenopus laevis

Description: The African Clawed Frog is an aquatic frog that spends its whole life in the water. It is very similar to the Dwarf Frog in appearance. The clawed frog, however, is much larger and more rounded rather than having somewhat flat features. They are usually dark brown but albinos are common in the pet trade. The AFC (as they are often called for short) has webbed feet and gets its name from the claws it has on its back toes. Its back legs are very powerful and large while its front legs are very small and thin (Think of a T-rex!).

Male or Female:
The female is larger than the male, but there is also a more definite way of sexing them. Females will have cloacal lips. This just looks like two small bumps between the legs. Shown below is a female.

image from

Food: AFCs are fed on brine shrimp, krin, blood worms, shrimp pellets, and artificial AFC food. They may also eat small feeder fish.

Life Span:
The AFC can live an extremely long time for a frog. 30+ years has been recorded!!!

As Escape Artists: AFCs are fairly common pets and are also excellent escape artists. Although it is unfortunately no longer online a site Xenopus site called “Fluffy’s Frog Pond” was the best AFC site and had a really fun page of escape stories. They are intelligent in that, after escaping, they will head for water. People have found their escaped frogs in sinks, sump pumps, and even toilets!

Habitat: The AFC frog is originally from Africa, but the kinds you see in the pet stores will be captive bred. In captivity, a ten gallon tank should be able to house two frogs.


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