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Froggy Links

A collection of Frog related links for your enjoyment! Hop over to some really great sites!

This page is in no way complete. I will be adding more and more links in the future.


African Clawed Frogs - Bearded Dragons - Breeders - Crested Geckos - E-cards - Feeder Insects - Froggy Products For Sale - General Frog Sites - General Herp Sites - Health Related - Herp Classifieds - Herpetological Societies - Leopard Geckos - Photos - Tadpoles - Tree Frogs



African Clawed Frogs:

Fluffy's frog pond
Iif its from african its got claws and its a frog you'll find it here.

Bearded Dragons:

Reptic Zone Forums - Breeading Beardies 101
Excellent thread on the breeding of beardies (pagonas).

The Reptile Rooms - History of color/morphs/lines and breeders
A thread that clarifies some of the confusion regarding bearded dragon morphs and breeder history.


Chameleon Corral
Jacksons and Panthers

The Crested Gecko
Specializing in Rhacodactylus

The Gecko Spot
Really well done site. Offers cresteds, gargoyle, mossy prehensiled, giant, and chameleon geckos and more. Also provides good caresheets on crested, gargoyles, and many feeder insects.

Genevieve's Geckos
An interesting breeder who is also studying to be vet. Very friendly and will answer any questions via e-mail. Is not cocerned with the morphs of cresteds, just selling great pets.

Crested Geckos and more! Jones' Armadillo Lizards, Leopard Geckos, Beardies and more coming soon!

Pangea Reptile Company
Call themselves the source for crested geckos. Also has gargoyles.

Ryan Turnquist Reptiles
Captive Propagation of High Quality Crested Geckos

The Rep Room
Geckos, gliders, dragons, and more.

Crested Geckos:
The Ultimate Crested Gecko Resource. Great Forum.

E-cards: - Reptiles and Amphibians
Two pages of very professional shots you can send as e-cards.

Animal World Reptile Postcards
Nice shot of bearded dragon, jackson chameleon, boa, and others.

Turtlegram Greetings
Really sweet White's Tree Frog e-card here.

Feeder Insects:

Fruitflies and mealworms

Frog Products For Sale:

My Vue Art Works
An especially large selection on green frog art and cards.

The Grumpy Frog Card Shop
A great frog card website

General Frog Sites:

Denises FrOgGy PaGe
Lots of good pages about several different frogs. This site is no longer updated.

If you're crazy about frogs you'll love this site!

A very well made site devoted to -of course- frog. Don't forget to check out the cool e-cards here!

All about frogs!

The first Austrailian frog site. Don't forget to adopt a Fred!

Toadily Toads
A site focusing on toads with some good information (on frogs too) and a
great original gallery.

General Herp Sites:
Accurate information on leopard geckos, bearded dragons, snakes, uromastyx, and others.

Health Related:

Reptile Brumation
On the hibrenation of reptiles

Plants for Terrariums with Reptiles and Amphibians
Lists suitable non-toxic plants that are safe to be used in your pets setup.

Herp Classifieds:

Look in the pet section. People are often getting rid of their reptiles.

Fauna Classifieds
People from all over the states (breeders as well as those who are just getting rid of their pets) sell and ship animals on here. Pictures are usually provided.
Have seen various reptiles, mostly large lizards advertised here. Customizable search.

Herpetological Societies:

IL - Central Illinois Herpetological Society

IL - Chicago Herpetological Society

IL - Illinois State Herpetological Society

LA - The Louisiana Gulf Coast
Herpetological Society

MO - Herpetological Association

MO - St. Louis Herpetological Society

NY - Western New York Herpetological Society

Leopard Geckos: - How To Breed Leopard Geckos


Buckeye Herps
A Photographic Gallery of the Reptiles and Amphibians of the State of Ohio


Grow a Frog
Get and learn how to grow a really cool African clawed frog frog!

Tree Frogs:

Tree Frogland
Everything tree frogs!




Feel free to submit a link to me via e-mail that you think I should have here. Include the URL and a short description of the site.

Please e-mail me about broken links.


All links are family friendly.