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Frog Legs
A True Story sent in by Joan

1970 - Picture a rainy night. Dan and I drove through the night from Chicago and arrived at Gills Landing across the river from our cabin about 5 AM. It was still raining so we were going to wait until it eased up beforeputting the boat in and going over to the cabin.

The road on the way to parking lot was FULL of frogs. They were all over as they are during a certain time of the year. They were not huge frogs but still a pretty good size. We thought of how much we like frog legs so Dan went out in the rain to gathered up frogs. Dan would put one in the bucket and two would jump out. But he still managed to fill the bucket, must have had 30 or 40 of them packed in the bucket.

When he finished I peeked in the bucket and they looked so cute I started feeling sorry for them and kept saying how cute they were.. Being the kind man that he is, Dan let all of them go. After all that work, there went our frog leg / legs dinner.




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