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Male or Female?
Want to name your frog but can't tell if it's a boy or girl??? Well, you're in the right place!

This page will soon have information of sexing a variety of other species, including both amphibians AND reptiles. I hope to have this information with helpful photos up shortly.


In frogs, for the most part the male is smaller and less bright and only the male can produce a breeding call. But, there are exceptions. Both the male and female leapord frog and bullfrog can croak (produce a breeding call). During mating the male is on top during amplexus. Some rare frogs can even change frome male to female vice versa. So, with some frogs it is impossible to tell.


African Clawed Frog:
The female is larger than the male, but there is also a more definite way of sexing them. Females will have cloacal lips. This just looks like two small bumps between the legs. Shown below is a female.

image from


On a female bullfrog the eardrum is about the same size as her eye. On a male the eardrum is about twice the size of his eye. It is difficult to tell when the frog is young but when it is an adult it is very simple!

The above drawing was done by Me, Owner of Frog City

This is a photo of a female bullfrog, as you can tell by the size of the ear drum. This image came from