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The Person Behind Frogcity

Well, my name is Ida. I'm an amateur herpotologist currently breeding crested geckos. And recently started working for PetCo as a Reptile Specialist. My real goal in life, however, is to start my own animal sanctuary. I love rescuing animals and spend some of my spare time volunteering at a local animal shelter. I have experience with many different types of animals, but especially reptiles and amphibians. My little cold blooded family is always growing.

A little background:

It's hard to describe myself. My love for herps started when I was around 5. We lived on a farm with a pond and the land was swarming with frogs and toads, especially during breeding season.

I spent my days playing with frogs and toads and disturbing snakes when I lifted old planks to make stick huts. At nights, bright green tree frogs clung to the windows eating bugs attracted to the porch lights while the bullfrogs sang incessantly.

I watched tadpoles grow, got to the see the "famous" turtle in the pond that no one else ever saw, and tried not to step on any of the new baby froggies when the entire yard was moving with them.

One frog I will always remember was a gray tree frog I found one summer who lived in a tree cavity. Every day I went and found him there. He would spend the day with me and even sit calmly on my arm when I road my bike. One day, when summer was coming to a close, a fall wind blew and he leapt off of my arm and hopped away. That was the last I ever saw of him.

It was sad moving away from there. And our next house only had a few toads, one of which was a reddish american toad that I dubbed "Squeaker."

We eventually moved to highground, where I still dwell today. So to make up for the lack of native toads, I got some herp pets! Sedge and Swampy were the beginning. They were fire bellied toads. I suppose you could say my love for herps just kept going from there.

I even have my own crested gecko breeding business, Herpisphere.

Other Interests:

So what do I do besides answer herp-related questions and breed geckos? Well, besides caring for all my pets, I like to write, and I enjoy art, photography, and singing.

You may have also noticed my interest in mythologies and legends. This explains some of the odd names I give my pets.

But most of my interests are obvious in my many other websites. You can view my site collective to see my other sites.


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