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Past Pets
Here you will find pictures and mini-bios of all my passed herps.

Pets are listed in alphabetical order.

Name: Athena
Gender: Female
Species: Calote

Athena's Song

One week, so short,
And you were gone
Yet in that time
I loved so strong
That you'll live on
Within my heart and mind,
And in this song.

Love at first sight!
Your eyes met mine,
Your hands reached out,
"I need your care."
So mine was thine
And it is still although
You are not there.

Your scales were brown,
To me like mail;
Your eyes, in mine,
Held human light;
Your slender tail
When 'cross my arm--far more
Than charms delight!

And though you passed,
Perhaps of age,
You were so sweet
That if I could
Go back a page
And take you home again
Or not, I would!

But this sweet dream's
A selfish thing
Perhaps for I
Too long for peace
And that sweet bliss
And stillness where you are
Of sweet release.

You're gone, my love,
And can't return
To my regret.
But know before
The ground is churned
That once I loved a man
Yet loved you more!

picture to come Names: Aurora and Borealis
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Calote
Background: Bought at a reptile expo in very good condition early '09. Died within two weeks. I suspect of stress. Calotes are definently not a lizard for beginners. If you aquire a Calote, give it a lot of space and refrain from touching or disturbing it at least for the first few weeks.
picture to come Name: Balin and Dwalin
Gender: unknown
Species: American Toads
picture to come Name: Bermuda and Mauna Kea
Gender: unknown
Species: Fire Bellied Toads
Background: From PetsMart
Both green.
no available picture Name: Flotsam and Jetsam
Gender: unknown
Species: Fire Bellied Toads
Background: From PetsMart or Petco
Both green.
picture to come Name: Frodo and Freya
Gender: probably male and female
Species: Leopard Frog
Background: Wild-caught. Fall 2007.
Extra: Frodo died suddenly. I don't know why so I decided to release Freya a few days later.
picture to come Name: Gollum
Gender: Male
Species: Gray Tree Frog
Background: Friend gave him to me.
picture to come Name: Guacamolie
Gender: Female
Species: Green Anole
Background: Died in 08. Had for about 2 years. Lived with Kiwi.
picture to come Name: No name
Gender: unknown
Species: Fowler's Toad
picture to come Name: Ritz
Gender: unknown
Species: Blue Tailed Skink
Background: Given to me.
picture to come Name: Sedge and Swampy
Gender: unknown
Species: Fire Bellied Toads
Background: From PetCo.
My first fire bellies. Both green.
Name: Trayton
Gender: Male
Species: Bahaman Anole
Background: Wild-caught. A friend gave him to me. He was an adult when I got him around 2004,
Extra: Trayton was named after a dragon in a story I was writing at the time.

He was a great and quick hunter!

He must have lost part of his tail before I got him because part of it was regenerated.

I think it is amazing how much you can get attached to a pet you'd never held and who constantly glared at you when you went to say good morning.

I know that I am missing various reptiles and amphibians I've cared for on this list, but many of these I only cared for for short times, were released back into the wild, or were one of many toads that I never got around to naming.

Still, I remember them all.