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Esmerelda The Iguana

An iguana had been my dream pet for years. I read a wealth of information on them and tried to determine how I would have the room to house one properly. Finally, I had come to the conclusion that I would not get an iguana because I wasn't sure #1 that I had enough space and #2 that I could handle such a large and potentially harmful animal.

Maybe six months after I had reached this decision I was at a reptile show and a man was selling baby iguanas for just $12! $12? The writing was a little smudged, so I thought it said "$120." Even that sounded pretty good to me, so I asked. Nope, just "$12." Needless to say, I brought Esmerelda home.

Esmerelda was just a name I liked and it seemed to fit her looks.

Personality: Esmerelda wants to do her own thing. She likes to explore, but is definently the most relaxed in her home when she thinks no one is looking at her. She likes to lounge on the top branch closest to the light, with her legs hanging limp over the side.

Esmerelda was a pretty big tail-whipper when I first brought her home, but has calmed down a great deal. She still does it from time to time, but I tend to gently hold her tail when I take her out so she knows not to. Her claws are the biggest problem. She doesn't try to scratch intentionally, but they grow so quickly and it can be bad for the ears when she's trying to climb atop your head!

Diet: Rep-Cal Juvenile Iguana food, mustard greens, kale, collard greens, some carrots, lettuce and some juvenile bearded dragon food.

Housing: A custom built enclosure I found on Craigslist for another amazing price. It is 6ft tall, 4ft wide, and 2 ft deep.

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