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Guenevere "Gwen" The Blue Tongued Skink

I bought Guenevere from a Reptile Expo in August 2008. When I bought her, the breeder said she 2 or 3 months old. I will likely breed her with Jeff when she is old enough.

She is named after Guenevere from The Arthurian Legends.

Personality: Gwen is a bit of a huffy thing and like to snort when you first try to pick her up. She is getting calmer and likes to explore (dirty laundry, under furniture, etc.). She has bitten me once, but only because she thought I was trying to feed her. She LOVES to eat!

Diet: Gwen is a bit of a pig. I think, if I put it there, she would eat it, so I try not to give her too much. Her diet consists of bearded dragon pellet food, Purina canned dog food, occasional crickets, and some veggies. I also discovered that she enjoys an occasional piece of hot dog as well!

Housing: Gwen lives in a 40 gallon terrarium which will be big enough to house her at her adult size (18-24 inches long). For substrate, I use CareFresh pet bedding (blue) over newspaper (for easier cleaning) and she loves to burrow in it!

She has a nice half log shelter and also a large seashell which is her favorite spot to sleep. I have a heating pad directly underneath this. Of course she then has her water and food bowls.

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