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The Leopard Geckos: Jack and Gloopy
Jack and Gloopy are my pair of Leopard Geckos. They both were unhealthy and not treated for properly when I got them. Ironically enough, Jack was starving to death and Gloopy had been incredibly overfed. They are now in full health and live together in a cozy 20 gallon tank.

Name: Gloopy
Named for "Augustus Gloop" because she was obsese when I got her and I had also been told that she was a male.

Gender: Female

Background: Got her 6/11/07 from a relative of a friend who no longer wanted her. She was probably 2 or so at that time.

Personality: Gloopy reminds me of a cat. She is very beautiful and spends most of her time lazing about beneath the lamp. When it comes to eating, however, she is alert and focused! Gloopy is hardly a fitting name for her any more, but now it's stuck.

Breeding: Will possibly breed with Jack 2009.

Extra: The previous owner also said that she was afraid of crickets, but she is a real hunter!





Name: Jack
Named after "Jack Sparrow." Time showed it couldn't have been more fitting because, with his previous neglect, he does seem a bit of a drunk.

Gender: Male

Background: Bought off of Craigslist May 21st 2007.

He was starving to death when I got him and his arms were like tooth picks. He is missing all of his claws except for one or two as well as most of toes.

He also has trouble catching crickets on his own so I have to hand feed them to him. He can eat mealworms and waxworms on his own from the bowl, though it takes him several times. He seems to have some sort of vision problem, not being able to tell exactly how close or far away things are, because it takes him several times. I believe this is probably do to his long period of malnutrition.

He's weight and color are now very healthy.

Personality: A sweetheart. Jack Sparrow has the sweetest face. He is laid back, mellow, and inquisitive.

Breeding: May breed with Gloopy in 2009.




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