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The Fire Skink

When I first saw Limbo it was love at first sight. I saw him at a PetCo which was pretty far out of the neighborhood for me. I was entranced! The dark eyes and vivid colors. I had never seen a fire skink before. What a truly beautiful creature! I was so tempted to buy him right then, but reluctantly left empty handed.

Of course, as soon as I got home, the first thing I did was start googling fire skinks and searching through my reptile books. And so it happened that almost a month later I was out that way again. I wondered if that PetCo still had my lovely fire skink, so I dragged my two friends in with me (we were supposed to be shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding). You can guess what followed.

It took at least three months before Limbo finally got a name. I had a few ideas, but nothing seemed worthy of that hypnotizing stare and those remarkable colors. "Limbo" finally came to me and it seemed to fit not only because "Limbo" is an African word and the fire skink is native to Africa, but because it also corresponds to the time in which I purchased him; I had started to feel like I was stagnating in life. Maybe Limbo is good luck.

Limbo currently resides in a ten gallon terrarium with a screen top, a heat lamp, a bark substrate which is good for burrowing in, moss, a piece of driftwood for climbing up closer to the light, and a water bowl. I also have a very pretty tropical backdrop covering all but the front piece of glass.

Limbo eats all of the usual feeders: dusted crickets, mealworms, and waxworms.

Though I refer to Limbo as a "he" I really can not be certain of his gender and can find very little information on the subject. I might be interested in breeding this species in the future however, so perhaps I will eventually find out for certain. If I do, I will definently keep you visitors informed. :)


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