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Cuban Treefrog
osteopilus septentrionalis

Description: The cuban treefrog, sometimes called the giant treefrog, is usually an olive brown but can also be bronze or grayish in color. Compared to America’s native treefrogs, the cuban tree frog is a giant.

Cuban treefrogs can grow as big as five inches and bigger. This frog can be easily identified by its large toepads, its size, and its toad-like skin.

They are not very friendly either. They will fight when handled and they will also give off an irritating smell if they want you to leave them alone.

Habitat: The cuban tree frog is found only in the Florida keys and Cuba.

How they got to America: The cuban tree frog is not native to North America, though it can now be found here. They were actually accidentally shipped here in boxes of produce from Cuba.

Diet: Cuban treefrogs have enormous appetites. They not only eat the usual insects, crickets, cockroaches, and others, but they are also prone to become cannibalistic, not only eating other species of frogs, but their own species as well.


Image courtesy of J.D.


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