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The Thorny Devil

Description: The Thorny Devil is a lizard. It is six inches long and though it may appear fierce, it is very harmless. It is covered with hard spikes and scales and has five claws on each foot. Its spikey tail is almost the size of its body. The Thorny Devil is brown, reddish, yellowish, tan, and sometimes whitish and black.

Habitat: The Thorny Devil lives in dry deserts in Australia.

Diet: This lizard walks along very slowly, always on the look out for its prey - ants and termites. It can eat as many as 1000 ants in one meal!

One of the strangest things about the Thorny Devil is the way it drinks. Dew settles on its spikes and it trickles down into the lizards mouth.

Breeding: The female Thorny Devil lays eggs from November-December. When the eggs hatch the babies are miniature versions of the adults.


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