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Most people who get a herp, whether it's a frog, lizard, or snake, usually find that they can't stop at just one. They get another and another and another until they have their own little reptile menagerie. Our little zoos take a lot of time though. And since many reptiles are nocturnal, you may find you're up really late at night feeding and caring for them. Here are some ways you can save some time in cleaning, feeding, and more!

Substrates are key in cleaning. They are usually what takes the most time to clean out especially when your mulchy bottom has started to attract mold because of the moisture! I've been switching over to terrarium liners and giving my pets wall to wall carpeting! ;) Zilla's terrarium liner is good and relatively cheap (10 dollars for a 39 gallon liner). And it comes in tan and green. It makes cleaning loads faster and it cuts back on the humidty and mold growth. All you have to do is rinse it off with warm water and use an old tooth brush to scrub the really dirty spots.

I have used coconut fiber mats before, but these do get ratty after they've been scrubbed off a couple of times. They can also get some mold and when they do, it's really hard to get rid of it. So unless you have a really dry setup, you should avoid these. They are a lot nicer then just plain mulch substrate though.

For larger lizards and setups, like that of the chinese water dragon, you can use astro turf for a nice flooring. This is cleaned just like the reptile liner.

More coming soon!