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  Green Treefrog

( Hyla Cinerea )

This little frog is very successfully kept in captivity. Treefrogs are one of the best beginner frogs. They are friendly with humans and are easy to care for.

Description: Green treefrogs grow to around 2 inches in length. They are mainly green sometimes with very small yellow spots on there back. During cool weather their color changes to a darker green. They also have a white stripe along their top lip which goes down about halfway of their body. ( this description only applies to green tree frogs. Food and tank setup can also be used for whites treefrogs, red eyed tree frogs and gray treefrogs.)

The green treefrog is mainly nocturnal. They live in wooded areas close to fishless pond, sloughs, and marshes. They hide in leaves and tree cavities during the day and become active at night when they hunt for insects. They are often found on peoples windows eating moths and other insects attracted to the house lights.

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Food: Treefrogs eat crickets, moths, earthworms,flies,katydids, and grasshoppers. Store bought crickets must be gut loaded or dusted with calcium before fed to your frog.

Tank Setup: treefrogs like tall terrariums with branches to climb on. Make sure any rocks or sticks you bring in from outside are boiled in water to remove any germs or bugs. Do not have any large amounts of water in your tank. Treefrogs are bad swimmers and often drown. The water should go as high as a half and inch. If you are trying to breed treefrogs then you will need a larger amount of water but, be sure that their are plenty of rocks and branches that they can climb out on. The ground should be made up of soft soil and smooth rocks. they need to be misted at least twice a day. In the morning and at night. Make sure your treefrogs are not getting ditect sunlight but, make sure they are not getting to cold. The temperature should not go over 80 degrees F. and should not go under 60 degrees except for in winter months when the treefrog will be hibrenating. You may want a thermometer to keep in your tank to keep track of the temperature. You will definently need a screen top for the terrerium beacuse if you don't your frog will either jump or climb right out.Be sure your tank is completely set up before you get your frog. Tree frogs do not require heating or lighting as long as they get a fair amount of sun. Heating can actually be bad for them.


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