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Tolkien Deviants
Here you will find a collection of exceptional Tolkien artists who share their work at deviantart.com.

All art used with permission of the artists.


Click on the name of an artist to find out more about them and their art.
Larissa Matt Leese noei1984
Paulo Scheunemann




Larissa is a Swiss artists who has been on Deviantart.com since 2007.

Her pencil art is incredibly life-like!

She has many more Tolkien pictures on her deviant account for you to admire.


Add her to your favorites!


Visit Larissa's Deviant Page


Matt Leese

Matt is a U.S. artist who has been on Deviantart.com since 2004.

He has works in a variety of different styles, including 3D and fantasy is a main theme.

His favorite poet and writer is, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien.


Visit Matt Leese's Deviant Page


Matt also has a blog about his artwork.
Visit Matt's Blog



noei1984 is an artist from Thailand. She has been on Deviantart.com since 2004.

Her art is incredibly fluid and, when used, with wonderful use of color. Her art looks effortless!

She has many beautiful Tolkien inspired work, much of which draws from the stories and characters of The Silmarillion. Be sure to look at her wonderful works of Ulmo, Manwe, and Yavanna (shown top left).


Visit noei1984's Deviant Page


noei1984 would like to invite you to visit
Spring of Arda


Paulo Scheunemann

Paulo Scheunemann is an artist from Brazil who has been on Deviantart.com since 2007.

Paulo works with a number of mediums, including digital, and many of his works are isnpired by The Silmarillion.

Be sure to look at "Morgoth Weakened," "Morgoth Battles Fingolfin," and "Feanor Spirit of Fire" to name a few.


Visit Paulo's Deviant Page



Are you a Tolkien Deviant or do you know of one who you think should be featured here?

Contact me and let me know!